The Declaration of

Male Voices


I am a man.

I am an artist, musician, songwriter, filmmaker, agent, label owner or presenter who is part of the larger performing arts industry.


I am declaring myself an ally to women

in the arts industry.

I believe FEMALE VOICES must be

heard and experienced equally to mine.

I believe women's art must be presented and showcased with the same intention, clarity, and dignity as that of my male counterparts.

I am signing on as a MALE ALLY to be proactive and to help create a safe place for women's physical and emotional safety.  I pledge to support women to thrive as artists based on their work.

I am an advocate for the health and safety of women, just as I advocate for my own health and safety.

When all voices ring true without fear, manipulation, or coercion, women will benefit, men will benefit, fans will benefit, the arts will benefit, EVERYONE will benefit.


In strength and solidarity.

Please enter your first and last name, and they will be shared on the "Signers of The Declaration" page. 


Your email address is optional, and will never be shared with anyone or made visible.  We only ask you to include your email address if you would like us to keep you informed when there are major announcements, or items available (stickers, t-shirts, placards, etc.)

This is a growing movement of Men in the arts and music community who are interested in being better men. 


We are publicly committing to looking at our words and actions and learning more about the inequality and oppression

of women that exists in our community. 


Are you a Musician, Artist, Filmmaker, Presenter, Label Owner, Agent, and DJ, Dad, Brother or Music Lover? 

If yes, please read the "Declaration of Male Voices" below and submit your name to the growing list. 

Even if you do not work directly in the music industry, as a man, you can STILL learn more about this important issue. 


We are publicly stating and committing (along with hundreds of other men)

to the learn more about ourselves, and how the health, safety, and fair treatment of women

in our music community can become more of a priority. 

With much input from a Steering Council of Women, the men in our community are interested in taking specific

action steps to help create a more equal environment in our community.   


The men who are signing this Declaration simply represent those in our community who have read the

Declaration of Male Voices and are publically stating that they would like to personally work towards helping that vision

become a reality....To take steps to try to be better.   


This is NOT a list of “good men" or a list of men declaring to be "safe."

This is NOT a list of "kind" men or perfect men.  

It is a list of men who want to learn, to work to be better, and be part of looking for solutions. 


We love this community and know that we posses the wisdom, knowledge and ability to make some changes.

Let's keep asking questions, listening and learning, and see if we can help create a more equal playing field 

in our music community. 

Join us.  Sign your name below.  

Thank You!